Board of Directors FAQs

How many board members are there?

The TRAA Board of Directors consists of 9 members

Who appoints the board?

Four (4) members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne, four (4) members are appointed by the Allen County Commissioners, and the ninth (9th) member is always the current chairperson of the EMS Foundation, Inc. (the Medical Control Board created by local ordinance)

How long are appointment terms?

Three (3) of the City appointees and three (3) of the County appointees serve staggered three (3) year terms.  Each year, one (1) City and one (1) County appointee expires. At that time, the current board member may be either re-appointed by the appropriate government entity, or they may be replaced by a new appointee.  The fourth member of both the the City anmd County appointees serve "indetermanant" terms.  Their terms do not expire until they are replaced by the appropriate appointing entity.  The ninth position, the position held by the EMS Foundation Chairperson only changes when a new chairperson of the EMS Foundation is appointed by the EMS Foundation Board members.

How much is the Board paid?

Board members are volunteer and do not receive payment for their services.

How often does the TRAA Board meet?

The TRAA Board meets monthly.

Where does the TRAA Board meet?

The Board meets at TRAA's offices located at 525 Hayden Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  

Are Board meetings open to the public?

Yes, unless the Board is meeting in a closed session following guidelines set out by the State of Indiana Public Access Counselor, all meetings are open to the public.  Meetings are generally held on the 4th Thursday of every month unless cancelled or rescheduled for a particular reason.

How do I get appointed to the TRAA Board?

To express your interest in being appointed to the TRAA Board, you should contact either the Mayor of the Cty of Fort Wayne's office or the office of the Allen County Commissioners.