Emergency Medical Services Foundation, Inc.

Some system decisions are mandated from external sources.  The local ordinance that created TRAA mandates many minimum requirements for the system as well as making certain mandates on where patients are taken in certain circumstances.  Additionally, local ordinance recognizes that medical care decisions are best made by physicians and should be based on sound

medical practices.  To assure that system medical decisions are based on sound medical practice, local ordinance

created a EMS system medical control board and system medical director position to set medical protocol for TRAA

patient care activities.

The Emergency Medical Services Foundation, Inc. is a part of the Fort Wayne Medical Society and is composed of

emergency physicians from Dupont Hospital, Lutheran Hospital, Parkview Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical

Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital.  The Foundation sets medical policy to be followed by TRAA personnel when

caring for patients.

The system medical director is hired by the EMS Foundation and is autonomous and not under TRAA control.  The system medical director oversees TRAA’s patient care activities, is responsible for conducting medical audits of TRAA patient care, as well as having the responsibility of recommending protocol changes or additions to the EMS Foundation.

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Medical Control