Emergency Medical Services Foundation, Inc.

What hospital will I be taken to?

If your condition is considered to be potentially life-threatening, local ordinance and medical protocols mandate that TRAA paramedics transport you to the nearest hospital capable of meeting the needs of your condition.  In these cases, the term “nearest” means nearest in terms of shortest amount of transport time, not necessarily distance.

Some conditions may call for specialty care.  For example, if you suffer a serious trauma injury, you may need to be taken to one of Allen County’s two trauma centers (Lutheran Hospital or Parkview Regional Medical Center), or if you suffer from certain specific heart conditions, you may need to be transported to a specific hospital with specialized cardiac  facilities (Lutheran Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical Center, or St. Joseph’s Hospital).  In these cases, we may be required to bypass the nearest hospital and take you to the nearest “specialty” hospital.

What if my condition is not life-threatening?

If your condition is not considered to be potentially life-threatening, you will be taken to the hospital you specify.  If you don’t have a preference, TRAA paramedics will take you to the nearest hospital.

Can I refuse care or transportation?

Federal and State laws allow for competent adults to refuse medical care and/or transportation as long as they understand the consequences of their refusal.  To be allowed to refuse treatment, the law requires that you be 18 years of age or older, be of sound mind and be fully capable of understanding the consequences of refusing care.  If you meet these requirements, TRAA paramedics may legally accept your refusal.  A refusal is not valid or acceptable under the law if any of the following conditions exist:

                                   ︎  You are under 18 years of age

                                   ︎  You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

                                   ︎  You are mentally incapabable of making reasonal; or rational decisions

                                   ✔︎  You suffer from mental illness or are not of "sound mind"

                                   ✔︎ You are not capable of understanding the full consequences of your action of refusing for any reason

We need to emphasize that refusing care or transportation may not be in your best interest.  Many medical or trauma conditions exist that may not be immediately identifiable by paramedics in the field.  Some serious and potentially life-threatening conditions can only be identified by further testing and evaluation that only a hospital and physician can provide.

Medical Control Frequently Asked Questions